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Shoot on your own or play with a friend.


Select a grid reference and your friend shoots that reference on their own target. If they shoot a White circle on a ship, that's a hit for you. Anything else is a miss. Then its your friends turn to try and sink your ships.


Sink a Ship comes in a pack of 10. Every target has a different layout so the ships are in different places. This means that you can play with a friend up to 5 times. 


Also supplied are 2 x Grid Markers sheets so you can keep track of whats been called out and which references were a hit.


Air Targets are printed on 250gsm Card.


Available target Sizes:

14cm or 17cm Targets

Sink a Ship

    • 14cm & 17cm Targets Sizes
    • 250gsm Card
    • Designed & Printed in the UK