About Us



My name is David and with my wife Ashleigh we spotted a gap in the market for custom Airgun targets that are different from the standard Black & White, Zombie and Animal targets available.


Although we do sell some of the standard targets we wanted to design and print more fun targets for your Airgun shooting.


That’s why we created Air Targets.


We design and print unique, challenging and fun game targets that you can shoot on your own or with friends at the range or in your back garden.

We also have a large range of metal knockdown & spinner targets and also target holders and pellet catchers.


Take a look around our range of targets that we have available.

We add new designs regularly, if you would like to be kept updated please subscribe using the form at the bottom of this page.

Stay safe and happy shooting.


David & Ashleigh.

What the Press & Independent reviewers say...

Airgunology / Steve Allan - July 2020

Watch Steve Allan from Airgunology, give his review on our targets.

Airgun Shooter Magazine - December 2020

We are proud to be featured in Gear of the Year in the Airgun Shooter magazine.


Airgun World Magazine - February 2021

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agw 13-2.jpg

Shooting & Country TV / Air Gunner Magazine - February 2021

Watch Dave Barham the editor from Air Gunner magazine give his review on our targets.

Air Gunner Magazine - March 2021

Dave Barham the editor from Air Gunner magazine gives his review on our targets.

AGN MARCH 48-50 (1)-1.jpg
AGN MARCH 48-50 (1)-2.jpg
AGN MARCH 48-50 (1)-3.jpg

Air Gunner Magazine - May 2021

Read what Air Gunner magazine say about the pocket sized target holders we stock.


Air Gunner Magazine - July 2021

Air Gunner magazine give their review on our Match Duel match stick target.

PNG image.png